Friday, January 11, 2013

Natural foods to support cancer treatment

Economic development, high-tech help to improve life expectancy and quality of life of people. But the flip side of it, such as environmental pollution, food chemicals, unhygienic, tobacco smoke, emissions, waste water from the factory .... also associated with many diseases.

Many diseases easily be solved with modern medicine, along with dangerous diseases increasing in life, medicine has yet to find effective treatments, which included "The most extreme killer": cancer.

According to the latest research by the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2030, the percentage of people with cancer will increase by nearly 75%, of which, 90% will focus on the poor and developing countries development. The strong growth of the cancer cells rapidly destroying the human immune system and seriously affect other organs in the body, devastating health, increasing the risk of disease for patients. Meanwhile, the popular cancer treatments today are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation do not treatment for the disease, which helps extend the life of patients. Moreover, a drawback of chemotherapy, radiation therapy is cause for feelings of fatigue, nausea, decreased resistance, patients with loss of appetite should not eat lead to serious shortages important nutrients that many patients do not follow all the course of treatment.

To help people overcome the difficult chemotherapy and radiation therapy, in addition to psychological factors, nutrition issues are also extremely important. Additional nutrients through daily diet of cancer patients include:

- Protein: provides the essential amino acids for the body. Meals need a full complement of essential amino acids (at least 8 amino acids can not be replaced, the body can not synthesize) required for mobilization and nutrient metabolism in the body.

- Starch: help provide energy, reduce the feeling of fatigue, dizziness for patients.

- Fat: help form the cells of the body.

- Vitamins A and Group B. .., minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium ... enhances the body's absorption of food, increased production of red blood cells in the blood.

However, the fact is to ensure all the nutrients in the daily diet, for healthy people is not easy, with the patient is in the treatment of cancer more difficult. Often the feeling of fatigue, loss of appetite, taste changes will affect a lot to the addition of nutrients daily to patients. A natural foods can help supplement the complete and balanced nutrition for cancer patients, container and other nutrients, high protein content (70%), composed of 18 amino acids including 8 amino acids that the body can not synthesize vitamin A, group B, D, and other essential minerals Solar Algae Spirulina. Solar Algae Spirulina has long been regarded as a precious gift of nature bestowed because of the very high nutritional value that it brings to people without a certain food. Moreover, for cancer patients, scientists M.Babu, L.Lisheng, Pang Qishenet and his colleagues have demonstrated solar Algae Spirulina also has the ability to inhibit cancer cells and stimulate the proliferation of red blood cells, white blood cells, enhance immunity to the body. People with cancer can supplement 12 tablets Create natural sun or Sun Gold Plus daily after each meal to ensure a diet full of quality, even if the patient does not eat a lot of food outside. The supplements Tao Daily Sun will positively impact the health of the cancer, increase resistance, weight gain or maintain weight without weight loss, support cancer patients before, during and after the end of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Note: In the natural solar algae without vitamin C, if the patient using natural solar Algae, should add vitamin C from the outside through fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit or drink by 6 members Algae Daily Sun Gold Plus is algae add organic vitamin C extracted from the cherry.


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